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Integrated Energy Hubs


The Energy Trilemma refers to the need to ensure the supply of electricity meets three core needs: Energy Security, Energy Equity, and Energy Sustainability.

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A Formidable Challenge

Virtually every country in the world is now conscious of the need to meet the challenge of the Energy Trilemma:

  1. Providing households with supplies of energy that are accessible, reliable and affordable. 

  2. Delivering energy to businesses at competitive prices.

  3. Ensuring that we generate and use energy in a way that protects the environment.

These three goals constitute a ‘trilemma’, entailing complex interwoven links between public and private actors, governments and regulators, economic and social factors, national resources, environmental concerns, and individual behaviours.

Delivering policies which simultaneously address energy security, universal access to affordable energy services, and environmentally sensitive production and use of energy is one of the most formidable challenges facing government and industry.

Sir Philip Lowe, Executive Chair,

Energy Trilemma, World Energy Council

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Transitioning to Low Cost Sustainable Energy

3 High-Impact, Self-Reinforcing Trends

The global energy sector is being transformed by three trends that are impacting demand and supply at an unprecedented pace: decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation. These trends are reinforcing each other and helping to facilitate the growth of empowered consumers.


This is happening at a time when we are seeing a shift in final energy consumption with demand for electricity doubling globally by 2060.

Integrated Energy Hubs

Unifying the Energy Ecosystem

Radical changes are occurring on both the demand and supply side of the energy mix. After a century of stability, wholesale disruption is occurring with the emergence of a New Energy Ecosystem where data and power are flowing in every direction.

Proactive Adaptive: Orchestration, Governance and Optimisation.

Anticipating Variable Supply and Demand Across the Energy Ecosystem

Balance & Stability

Proactively assess risk, model scenarios, and optimise operations across the entire energy ecosystem.


Uncertainty leads to greater CAPEX and operating reserves - embedding unnecessary contingency and cost. From pre-feasibility risk assessments, daily operational impacts, weather impact on renewables, and electricity utilisation demand modelling - Evidence-based scenario planning around forecastable changes across the spectrum of the supply and demand equation and consumer and investor preferences.

Network-Wide ‘What If?’ Scenario Modelling

Accurately model the impact of complex planning decisions.

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  • Anticipate the impact of dynamic variables on market stability

  • Enable fully automated self-calibrating systems

  • Reduce the risk of sub-optimal ‘judgement’ calls.

Proactively adapt to changing conditions to reduce costs

Proactive Adaptive Orchestration and Optimisation

  • Harness & Orchestrate Disparate Systems

  • Enable Collaborative Decision Making

  • Real-Time Visibility Across & Beyond the Business

  • Ecosystem-Wide Digital Twin

Ecosystem-Wide Visibility | Single Point of Truth

Optimise Across Diverse Systems & Stakeholders

Multi-Mode Platform for International Energy Sector Integration

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A Platform to Deliver COP21 Paris Agreement Climate Goals

Sentient Hubs: Delivering Future State Today  

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