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Water Systems Simulation

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Proven Outcomes

From months to minutes…
Sentient Hubs partnering with NSW Department of Planning & Environment to help water managers make more timely, reliable and transparent decisions.

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  • Sentient ‘Model Chaining’

  • Customisable Automation

  • Sentient Federated Security

  • Scientific Workflow Wizards

Proven Outcomes

Anticipating Midge & Mosquito Outbreaks

“First-of-its-kind solution could provide insights into critical area of human health.”

Waterborne disease is a leading cause of death and disease around the globe, taking the lives of more than 3.4 million people every year.

Sentient Hubs deploys holistic modelling solution on Microsoft Azure to help protect wetlands.

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Proven Outcomes

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore

Sentient Hubs: Suppling Singapore with 10% of its ongoing water needs.

  • The Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore was looking for a way to manage and forecast water quality in the Marina Reservoir. 

  • The new waterfront required flood control and reliable water quality management, given the catchment’s urban location and high level of pollutants. 

  • PUB adopted Sentient Hubs technology, via the Australian Centre for Water Research and Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University, to develop an integrated, real-time forecasting system for water quality. This enabled PUB to combine rainfall forecasting, catchment modelling, monitoring and reservoir hydrodynamics to produce a digital model.

  • The virtual model allowed PUB to take necessary action to supply Singapore with 10% of its ongoing water needs. 

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Proven Outcomes

International Water Quality Management

Water Quality Forecasting & Compliance Monitoring

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Building on 30 years UWA Centre for Water Research

Sentient Hubs’ multi-award-winning Integrated Modelling & Simulation Platform leverages science and technology built on 30 years R&D carried out by the world-renowned Centre for Water Research (CWR) at the University of Western Australia. 

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At the time of acquisition, CWR technologies were used in most States of Australia to manage drinking water supplies and deployed internationally to manage water quality.

NSW Whole-of-State Catchment Simulation

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