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Sentient Hubs Dynamic Master Planning Platform seamlessly links financial, infrastructure and scientific models to enable integrated planning, risk and impact assessment across economic, environmental, and social dimensions.  

Holistic Planning & Impact Modelling

Test Resilience | Account for Impacts | Visualise Potential Futures

1. Model cascading & cumulative impact: Economic, Environmental, Social

2. Dynamically update & flex assumptions as conditions change

3. Link diverse data and models to reduce assumptions

4. Quantify & visualise interdependencies

5. Evidence-based impact accounting

Dynamic Master Planning 

For the first time, decision makers can dynamically visualise complex interdependencies between factors like population growth, climate change and pandemics, against demand for critical infrastructure and services.

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Why Holistic Master Planning Matters.

Planning and investment decisions depend on wide-ranging scenarios and assumptions across multiple domains and disciplines. The problem is, the underlying models and assumptions are developed in isolation from each other, and often reflect stakeholder bias. There is no ‘Master’ Master Plan, and multi-billion dollar investment decisions are based on ‘snap-shot in time’ documents that don’t adequately quantify non-financial impacts and costs. 

Sentient Hubs help decision makers see the ‘big picture’, anticipate disruption, and prepare for potential futures. We offer an unrivalled capability to visualise, up-to-date, contextualised insights across assets, systems, and the dynamic factors that affect performance (global-to-local).

Built on 30 years’ UWA environmental science, and 15 years’ technology development, Sentient Hubs is a breakthrough in integrated simulation and ‘system-of-systems’ orchestration and optimisation. It’s dynamic, interactive and holistic. Sentient Hubs enable convergence across diverse built and natural ecosystems delivering a better understanding of when, where and how to deploy resources. It offers a truly collaborative approach to complex problem solving.

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Watch Halifax Port President, Allan Gray, describe how Sentient Hubs can improve outcomes at a City, Province and National Scale.

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