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Energy Transition Modelling

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Accelerating Decarbonisation 

  • Sectoral Emissions Reduction Strategies helpful, but don’t consider interdependencies.

  • Can’t set optimal energy policy without understanding where we’re at across multiple domains.

  • Real risk that we won’t achieve Net Zero target by 2050 without severe consequences.

Holistic modelling to reduce unintended consequences.

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  • Narrow AI can’t solve the complex problems we face.

  • Sentient Hubs bridge the gaps between proven expert models.

  • ‘Project Tapestry’ connects a virtually unlimited set of data, digital twins and sims to solve far more complex questions.

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  • Federated Modelling

  • Federated Security

  • Federated Governance

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Climate > Water > Energy > Food > Supply Chain > Security…

Beyond the Water-Energy Nexus  

Energy Transition Modelling

Sentient Hubs is uniquely positioned to determine current energy mix and balance trigger-point trade-offs across competing economic, social and environmental priorities.

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Dynamic interactions across multiple globally interdependent domains

  • Turn fragmented situational awareness into a holistic ‘system-of-systems’ view. 

  • Quantify Interdependencies & Trade-offs.

  • Ensure assumptions applied consistently.

  • Leverage science rather than ‘best-guess’ in the face of overwhelming complexity.

  • Factor in multiple dynamic externalities.  

  • Shift from Static & Reactive to Sentient!

Leverage Sentient Hubs to:

How can we plan for multiple potential futures, or determine optimal capital allocation and timing today?

Gain a holistic view of the energy mix, resilience and economics.

  • How far along are we on the path to Net Zero:  1%?  8.5%?  21%?

  • What’s the over-shoot on current trajectory: 6 months, 16 years?

  • How can we plot a course and course-correct without without a baseline?

  • How can we optimize without a baseline?

Big budgets in wrong place at wrong time will fail.

  • Generate a Holistic View of Current Energy Mix. 

  • Test Resilience: Optimize Options & Trade-offs.

  • Security, Sustainability & Affordability under Multiple Futures.  

Decarbonisation – The fastest affordable & sustainable pathways.

  • Interactive map view of the Energy Network across all major modes: From rooftop solar & storage, to micro-grids, utilities, T&D, Market Operators, Regulators, etc.)

  • Current Capacity, Constraints & Resilience.

  • Variable Demand & Supply (incorporating renewables) under multiple potential futures.

  • Options & Trade-Offs (trigger point timing). 

  • Test for Security, Sustainability & Affordability. 

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