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Radical Collaboration...
Combining Unlimited Constellations of Data, Models & Platforms. 

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  • Land Use Modeller 

  • Long Supply-Chain Simulator

  • National Energy Simulator 

  • Noise Pollution Simulator 

  • Ocean Current Simulator

  • Ocean Plastic/Debris Tracker

  • Operations Performance Optimiser

  • Scope 3 Emission Forecasting Tool

  • Sediment Transport Simulator

  • Solar Radiation (PV) Forecasting Tool

  • Traffic Congestion Simulator

  • Water Balance Simulator

  • Water Quality Simulator

  • Wind & Wave Modelling Tool

  • Weather & Climate Models

  • Air Quality Tool (SOx, NOx, Odours)

  • Capital Allocation Optimiser

  • Bushfire Modeller

  • Carbon Footprint Predictor

  • Climate Scenario Modeller

  • Coastal Erosion Modeller

  • COVID Impact Modelling

  • Distributed Energy Use Simulator

  • Dynamic Trade Forecaster

  • Economic Impact Simulator

  • Grid Resilience Simulator

  • Social Impact Modeller

  • Structural Risk Simulator

  • Flood Damage Simulator (TCFD)

  • Infrastructure Impact Simulator

Run multiple scenario models (eg: Excel, Machine Learning, Physics) separately, or daisy-chained, via Sentient Hubs collaborative Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform. Link in-house models to a growing list of 3rd Party and open-source models and ESG consulting services.

Access a growing library of modular applications and ESG service providers. 

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