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Solving Wicked Problems - Together.

Sentient Hubs is an award-winning decision support platform that links expert models to anticipate cumulative & cascading economic, environmental, and social impacts.

World’s 1st Federated Systems Simulation & Impact Modelling Hub 

Securely chain diverse and distributed scientific, AI, economic, and geospatial models.

Harnessing the best of human ingenuity, proven science and advanced technology to solve our toughest challenges. 

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Sentient Hubs awarded Winner Best New Disruptive Platform for making it easier to quantify and visualise economic, environmental and social impacts. This followed an intensive 9-month national awards process judged by a panel of 36 industry luminaries led by IBM’s Steve Godbee.

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Sentient Hubs Dynamic Master Planning Platform links financial, infrastructure and scientific models to enable integrated planning and impact assessment across economic, environmental, and social dimensions. Decision makers can now dynamically visualise complex inter-dependencies.

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Simple Questions

1st Wave > Smart
Indexed & Ranked Results
IoT Industry 4.0

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Harder Questions

2nd Wave >>  Cognitive

Machine Learning, Narrow AI, LLMs, Predictive Analytics 

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Our Most Complex Challenges

3rd Wave >>>   Sentient

IoT + AI + Multi-Domain Systems Simulation
Anticipatory Awareness at Scale
Federated Decision Support

We’re facing a ‘polycrisis’.  The issues are inter-dependent

  • Climate Change

  • Water Security

  • Food Security

  • The Energy Trilemma

  • Supply Chain Disruption

  • Natural Disasters & Extreme Weather

  • Large-Scale Involuntary Migration 

  • Geo-Economic Confrontation

  • Biodiversity Loss 

  • Ecosystems Collapse

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Immediate need for a holistic solution.

Polycrisis: (ˈpɒlɪˌkraɪsɪs) the simultaneous occurrence of several catastrophic events.

A cluster of related global risks with compounding effects, where the overall impact exceeds the sum of each part.

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A Federated Modelling Framework to Optimize Strategic Decisions.

Better outcomes require the holistic modelling & simulation of many natural, social and industrial systems, and their complex interactions and dynamics. 

Sentient Hubs connect a virtually unlimited number of trusted data sources and expert models within a secure cloud environment.

The world’s first ‘system-of-systems’ simulation & impact modelling hub. 

Today, not in 5 years time…
We harness the best of human ingenuity, proven science and advanced technology to create a holistic and dynamic view of our world.

Together, we can overcome our collective challenges.

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A federated meta-modelling framework to visualize & quantify cascading impacts across: Natural, Built, Social & Economic Ecosystems.

“Sentient Hubs offers an unrivalled capability to understand the
unknowns, such as unintended consequences and unforeseen impacts, leading to better supported decisions and ultimately, better outcomes.”

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Test Resilience

Sentient Hubs is an award-winning decision support platform that links expert models to anticipate the cumulative and cascading impacts of decisions across economic, environmental, and social dimensions.

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Account for Impacts

Structural shifts in stakeholder expectations driving evidence-based accounting for non-financial impacts (Carbon Footprint, Natural Capital Accounting, ESG, TCFD). Social license and shareholder support increasingly tied to impact accounting.

Visualise Potential Futures

Run multi-domain ‘What If?’ scenarios. Quantify trade-offs and trigger points. Complex scenarios that previously required months to model can now be set up in minutes. Decision-makers at every level can easily adjust, visualise and communicate impacts. 

Integrated Policy Development & Impact Modelling

Planning and investment decisions depend on wide-ranging scenarios and assumptions across multiple domains and disciplines. The problem is, the underlying models and assumptions are developed in isolation from each other, and often reflect stakeholder bias. 

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“Unparalleled in its ability to help solve complex policy problems so well and so quickly. World changing.


A complex and dynamic set of challenges, choices & impacts.

No single organization, government, or AI can resolve for this complexity...

Strategic Decisions in Disruption

How to optimize whole-of-system for justice, resilience & sustainability.

Modelling Multiple Potential Futures

How to comprehend and anticipate cascading & compounding impacts across social, environmental and economic dimensions.

Science-Backed Governance

How to enable compliance (SDGs, TCFD, TNFD, Scope 3…) avoid green-washing using evidence-based frameworks.

A Holistic Approach to Planning, Governance and Optimisation.

The Sentient Hubs Platform is unique in its ability to link trusted data sources and models at global to hyper-local scale - everything from Excel (financial models), to Machine Learning models, and Climate Models/Physics simulations. 

​Sentient Hubs’ approach to scenario modelling lets decision-makers visualise cascading impacts at a systems level, quantify trade-offs, and determine investment/divestment trigger points through contextualised dashboards. Economists can now incorporate environmental impacts and climate risks into financial models.

It’s a secure platform delivering a better understanding of when, where and how to deploy resources. Notably, we make it easier for organisations to accurately assess Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) on how climate change could affect assets, investors and stakeholders.


Our mission is to resolve the complex, ‘wicked problems’ affecting the sustainability of our society, environment and economies, To reduce waste by anticipating demand and supply on an ecosystem-wide basis. Resolving complex inter-dependencies between natural systems like climate, and communities’ demand for transport, energy and water.

The Platform is 100% technology neutral and vendor agnostic - so your business can leverage the latest technologies, on your terms. 


Contact us today if you're ready to go past the hype and change for good.

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Sentient SH LOGO LAND rev.png
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“The capabilities demonstrated by Sentient Hubs are unique in the market at this time.”

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