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Better Resource Allocation

The complexity and long-term planning horizons involved in major infrastructure development combine to create considerable levels of uncertainty and risk for proponents, communities and regulators alike.

Integrated Master Planning

Understand and quantify complex
inter-dependencies & impacts.

​The development of major infrastructure in urban settings is a highly complex endeavour. Planning, design, environmental and social impact assessment, diverse stakeholder consultation, investment attraction, approvals and construction can span decades.

Determining the best location, size and timing for critical infrastructure can be particularly difficult: multiple competing stakeholder interests, technical factors, transport & logistical considerations, and resourcing constraints must all be taken into account.

Dynamic factors affecting decisions can include: trade and economic development forecasts, adjacent communities and industrial developments, local ecology, noise levels, traffic congestion, and air quality.

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  • Multi-Variable ‘What If?’ Scenario Modelling

  • Quantify Planning Impacts Over Time

  • Interactive Change Visualisation

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Fully Calibrated, Validated and Integrated 3D Environments.

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Interactive Multi-Variable Scenario Planning

​Planning and investment options analysis depends on widely-ranging scenarios and assumptions. Sentient Hubs has been developed to allow interactions between complex, multiple, inter-dependent systems to be modelled, so that planners and decision-makers can run through and test multiple ‘What if?’ iterations quickly and cost-effectively.

Whatever the context, Sentient Hubs provide internal and external stakeholders access to a powerful ecosystem-wide multi-variate analysis platform that greatly simplifies and accelerates complex infrastructure planning; and reduces uncertainty and risk.

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Through automation, complex scenarios that previously required months to model can now be set up in minutes. Decision-makers at every level can easily adjust, visualise and share impacts. 

Adjust and visualise changes to assumptions across infrastructure, ‘siloed’ operations, and dynamic external variables.