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Reduce Operational Cost & Risk

Uncertainty associated with future demand and supply has significant cascading impacts on performance, adding great cost to every level of society, the environment and economy.

Best Practice Predictive Analytics intrinsically reactive

Orchestration across diverse systems remains poor

Judgement Calls are the norm where data is limited

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A Sentient Hub is an open convergence platform that unifies Engineered, Natural and Social Ecosystems.

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Enterprise systems are designed to be structured, controllable and predictable. However, every organisation operates within larger ‘ecosystems’ of complex inter-dependent systems that are beyond its control.

Across every industry, a host of complex, inter-dependent, factors constantly affect performance. Some of these include:

  • Inputs (Quality, Availability, Costs)

  • Commodity Markets

  • Competitor Performance

  • Demand Patterns

  • Geopolitical Risks

  • Labour Markets

  • Technological Disruptions

  • Trade Wars

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Supply Chain Silos

  • Weather & Environmental Impacts.

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The Cost of Uncertainty

Unplanned disruptions, typically a function of external forces, have significant cascading impact on performance and cost society billions of dollars each year. Uncertainty leads to larger contingencies - embedding unnecessary delays & costs.

Until now, our limited capacity to conceptualise, plan and execute in a complex and dynamically changing world has relied on generalisations, averaging, and intuition -
and this has come at great cost to society and the environment.

In practice, ‘averaging’ embeds costs and reduces efficiency across the entire value
chain. For example, uncertainty relating to demand for commodities like grain, can lead to higher levels of stock being produced, handled and stored than required. The knock-on multiplier effects are often unaccounted for, and go well past the increased price of groceries and damage to the environment.

While the latest Integrated Operations Centres (IOCs) are a great leap forward, they remain intrinsically reactive and siloed.

Anticipate Variable Supply and Demand​


  1. Proactively Anticipate Dynamic Variables 

  2. Reduce Response Times to Unplanned Disruptions

  3. Enable Next-Generation Collaborative Decision Making